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Video | Riding Along as SpaceX Sticks the Landing


Space X on the board


The Energy Mix, Oil's Decline

Source: Pantera EnergyMost folks in the energy space don't consider oil to be an electricity source, unless in some rare locations. Like some middle East countries use oil as electricity, as does Hawaaii and this partially explains their rush to solar energy.

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Solving Transportation Challenges with Electric Car Ride Sharing

Sturdy BlueIndy electric cars emerged last fall in Indianapolis, led by Mayor Greg Ballard

I find car sharing interesting since it's a new way to invest in public infrastructure or effectively solve public transit issues with less investment from government entities. One recent example of a public/private, electric car ride sharing program is in Indianapolis, called BlueIndy, and it's run by the French industrial energy conglomerate, Bollore group.

According to a Sept. 2015 article in AutoNews, Bollore's BlueIndy program eliminates many vehicle ownership issues including insurance, maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, GPS and parking searches. Bollore Group is investing $41 million to set up and implement the service on a 15-year contract. 

The program provides members the ability to pick up cars within greater Indianapolis area and then drive to a destination, park and plug-in the vehicle.

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Electric Car News from around the Web

This is from last year's announcement of Tesla Energy, where Musk showcased the ability to go off-grid.>> Momentum for Tesla's PowerPack

Dana Hull at Blooberg unveiled a new Tesla Powerpack agreement with a Hawaii Public Utility and Solar City. The 13 MW solar and battery storage appicaiton still has to be approved by the state regulator.

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Brass tacks and Blue Sky for Tesla's Model 3

There's been a definite mixed bag of reactions coming from the Interwebs on the latest Tesla earnings call, but one article released the hounds on how Tesla should just throw in the towel with its Model 3, mass-market vehicle. “Tesla Will Get Trampled by the Mass Market,” by Ed Niedemeyer, poses some valid questions about Tesla's ability to ramp-up production for the Model 3. 

From the Bloomberg article:

As Tesla produces at higher volumes and sells at lower prices, Tesla will learn one of the most counter-intuitive truths of the car business: Mass-market consumers are actually harder to keep satisfied than luxury buyers.

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SpaceX's Recycled Beauty

Kudos SpaceX team and Elon Musk. If you haven't checked out Elon Musk's biography, do so.

Here's a interesting interview of Elon Musk's biographer, Ashlee Vance

By the by...a random comment from KDED page with the podcast on it

>> Catch Blue says... • 7 months ago

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