About EV Parade

Grant Gerke writes about manufacturing, factory and plant automation, packaging, electric cars and renewables for business and consumer media sites.

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About EV Parade and Grant Gerke 

Contact Grant Gerke at grantgerke@gmail or follow me on Twitter @autogrant.

This site covers a wide range of topics, including alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, next-generation manufacturing technologies, the global auto industry and renewables industries. The sharpest focus is on the electric vehicle market and surrounding infrastructure developments in the U.S. and world. Based in Chicago, Grant Gerke, Content Director for EV Parade, is a business writer with more than 17 years experience in the manufacturing space. He also writes for Teslarati.com, the Energy Collective and Inside EVs, while also covering many vertical industries for Automation World magazine.

During his tenure at Automation World, he wrote technology and applications stories about process and factory automation, along with leading product development for its leading web site. From 2008 to 2013, Automation World unveiled two web site redesigns (incorporating responsive design in 2011), introuduced two, magazine iPad apps, topical playbooks and developed a site-wide taxonomy.

He is also a member of  the Fox Valley Electric Vehicle Association, Wired Journalists and Search Engine Watch.