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Targeting Mom, Tesla's Model X?

Source: Flickr Tesla MotorsA recent article regarding the Tesla Motor's Model X focuses on the "mommy" aspects of the hybrid SUV. This lead me to think, if Tesla can build these EV cars/SUVs, they might succeed. More specific, the Tesla Model X SUV should be the model that pushes this car company to profitability and unthought levels of success if they know how to build these cars on any scale. 

Why will this succeed? Marketing, plain and simple. Think Rolling Stones without the bad boy image, they're the Hollies and never heard after 1968. The SUV is a beautiful looking vehicle (pimped out mini-van) and this San Jose Mercury article, see below, talks about how women were an integral part of of focus groups last year. Tesla wanted input on the internal features of the car, such as easy access to kids' car seats, safety and a third row of seating. As the article says, functionality was expressed. 

However, what Tesla has been doing from the beginning with its designs is making one attractive looking vehicle. In my mind, this is key to U.S. car buyers (along with better battery technology). Imagine the heads turning in the neighborhood, at the company picnic and gymnastic meets. 

With the Tesla X, the "mini-van" essentials are there, but the intrinsic nature of something this eye-catching and did we mention you plug it in (ohhh, tell me more). And you're doing the smart thing--creating a better future for your kids--and you're doing it in a really attractive car. 

I get the feeling that Tesla knows marketing. So if they can build automotives, they should be in for a long future.

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    Targeting Mom: Tesla's Model X - Electric Vehicle Parade - EV Parade - EV Parade provides insights on electric cars, advanced vehicles and next generation manufacturing technology.
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    Targeting Mom, Tesla's Model X? - Electric Vehicle Parade - EV Parade - Insights on electric cars, advanced vehicles and next generation manufacturing technology and leadership.

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