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EV Veterans, Will they Buy Electric Cars Again? 

Source: PlugInsights Research

I attended the Electric Drive Transportation Association meeting in Indianapolis this week and stunning data was presented at a market trends session on Tuesday about maturing electric vehicles and what will early adopters do with these cars?  

I posted the main story, "Automakers Take Notice, Data Points to Love Affair with Electric Cars," on Inside EVs and here are some excerpts from it:

"From research panel of more than 8,000 EV drivers, Hajjar says, “around 24% of today’s EV drivers expect to part (lease ends, sales) with their vehicle in the next 24 months.” PlugInsights estimates, conservatively, that more than 45,000 vehicles will have lease-ends, trade-ins and sales in the this time period.

So PlugInsights posited the obvious question to its audience on whether EV drivers will sign another lease for an electric car or go back to a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE)? 

Source: PlugInsights ResearchWith more than 900 respondents, the frontrunner for replacement is the electric vehicle at a resounding 96.9% rate. This would be either a complete battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). 1.9% of the respondents said that they would return to a ICE car. The regional sample was not provided at the time of the presentation, but the percentages could be skewed in favor or EVs a bit if most were from California.

I find these findings very interesting in relation to Strategic Vision's "love index" survey that came out in early 2014, in which EV wrote about in Feb. 2014, New Survey Introduces the 'Love Index' for Carsexcerpt below:  

Last week, Strategic Vision unveiled a new survey, titled, “Most Loved Vehicles in America” and this is how it came up with the "love" formula. According to Strategic Vision, scores are calculated using the reported "Love score" for each of the attributes delivered by the vehicle and the dealership experiences weighted by each vehicle’s outcome scores – commitment, overall satisfaction, total top emotional responses, proposed repurchase loyalty and actual repurchase loyalty – to provide a Most Loved Index™.

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