The Energy Mix, Oil's Decline
Monday, February 29, 2016 at 10:30AM
Grant Gerke in Energy Mix, Oil and Gas

Source: Pantera EnergyMost folks in the energy space don't consider oil to be an electricity source, unless in some rare locations. Like some middle East countries use oil as electricity, as does Hawaaii and this partially explains their rush to solar energy.

As a business writer for Automation World magazine, I follow many vertical industries within manufacturing and Oil is one of them. Investment in more sensing and automation processes — IIoT — are helping the industry withstand OPEC's drive for low oil prices by increasing efficiencies in existing shale fields (Controlling the World Oil's Supply). The jury is still out on whether the automation investments will pay off...but it they're holding on from what I can tell. 

However, here is a nifty infographic from Bloomberg on how drastic oil drilling has collapsed. Click here. It's amazing.


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