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Effective Electric Vehicle Advertising Coming in 2015?

Will 2015 be the year of effective advertising for EVs?

Fire up the band, 2015 is here and electric vehicle (EV) advertising may be heading in the right direction. The reason for my optimisim is the efforts by BMW, Nissan and maybe Volkswagen (KIA too?). At EV Parade, this is one of my favorite topics and a foundation for the blog (Along with 1) Workplace Charging, 2) Opposition to Electric Vehicles, and 3) Tesla Motors).

The marketing optimism comes from a couple of sources, but for this post, it centers around a recent email from BMW that stated the joys of "one-pedal driving." Why is that such a big deal? It's a differentiator from regular ICE cars and it's SO freakin' enjoyable! I love it with my Tesla Model S, very fluid and it offers a ton of fun with local driving; trying not to use your brake pedal for stop signs. 

It's a feature that should be emphasized and really hasn't in any tangible marketing campaign. 

This is smart branding from BMW as the email focuses on the fun and nothing on the environmental benefits—taking a cue from Tesla Motors Model S page. It's a car, plain and simple

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2015 Model X production vehicle 'in the Wild'? 

The Tesla Army is craving to see the 2015 Model X production vehicle "in the wild" very soon, driving on I-5 in California or in San Mateo, anything. However, the Model X did appear in the Panasonic booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Any updates in this photo, see below?

According to Teslarati, no. They say it's the 2014 pre-production version without the side-mounted cameras and, to me, looks a bit sleeker and more shallow in the front hood area than past Model X images.

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Tesla's China President Dismissed Due Alibaba Misstep? 

China's big market requires a new Tesla team after the company fires its China Chief, Veronica Wu. Well, that was quick. Veronica Wu's tenure as Tesla's China President lasted nine months and I wonder if it has someting to do with the last month's earnings call, when Elon Musk seemed unaware that his cars were being sold on Alibaba's in China. 

Here was the exchange between an analyst and Musk: 

John Lovallo - Bank of America Merrill Lynch: ...I think your point is well taken, that non-Tesla salespeople might not be qualified to properly promote the brand and so forth. The question is with that in mind, how do you get comfortable with selling vehicles to resellers in China that presumably don't have your best interest in mind or promoting the brand?

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Kudos to Nissan Leaf's Electric Vehicle Strategy, More Market Share Gains

The U.K.'s Auto Express revealed the Leaf's new 2017 model, to be released sometime in late 2016. Nissan Leaf's electric vehicle strategy is really being fully realized as more advertising appears on television and charging news keeps popping up in different cities across the country. The most recent sales for November show that Nissan Leaf is eating up more market share due to this solid strategy for the last year or so now. Kudos Nissan, love the action!

Over the last year and half, Nissan has been working with eVgo on charging infrastructure, a subsidiary of NRG Energy, and has been rolling out DC-fast charging across the nation. A lot of automakers originally said charging infrastructure was to blame for not marketing these vehicles.

Nissan met that head on with a charging demonstration project in Texas some two years ago and that program turned into its "No Charge to Charge" program this year, providing Leaf owners free charging for a two year period or so in participating cities.

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Nissan Leaf Dealer in Colorado Tries EV Rentals

The Drive Northern Colorado Electric Auto Association promoted this item this Fall and it really shows the freedom and commitment that Nissan is showing for its Nissan Leaf dealers. This dealer allows potential customer to rent the Leaf and understand what electric drive technology is all about. Kudos to Nissan.


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#TBT | Tesla Investor Searching for Superchargers in New York

A funny but interesting home video made by a Tesla Motors investor and clearly a muscle car type of guy. This adventure has our hero looking for a new supercharger location at New York's LaGuardia airport and when he finds the charging stations, he's very impressed with the electric beast's design.

These kind of impressions fascinate me, the car translates to a wide spectrum of tastes.


Video | Tesla Motors Model S Beaten by the Nissan GTR

Not sure if that's a Tesla Motors Model S Performance 85 or not, but according to some electric car owners in the Chicago area, the GTR is the only car that can take the American beauty off the the line.

This video shows it, too much power around the half-way point. Fun stuff.  


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