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About EV Parade

Grant Gerke writes about manufacturing, factory and plant automation, packaging, electric cars and renewables for business and consumer media sites.

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Welcome to the EV Parade! 

The future of driving is here! EV Parade ( serves up content on electric car developments, but also provides insights on EV marketing, workplace charging, luddites against electric vehicles and all things Tesla Motors (content can also be found on With a business writer background for the last fifteen years, this site also provides a gateway to many energy perspectives, battery developments, advanced vehicle technology and innovation in manufacturing.

The site is led by Chicago-based technology and busines writer Grant Gerke and he can be found at multiple magazines and media sites, such as Automation World, Inside EVs, Energy Collective, Teslarati, Work Truck Magazine and Packaging Digest. 

Find syndicated content from Pro Publica, podcasts interviews, event coverage, news posts, video recaps and analysis on daily basis.


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