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Grant Gerke writes about manufacturing, factory and plant automation, packaging, electric cars and renewables for business and consumer media sites.

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SpaceX's Recycled Beauty

Kudos SpaceX team and Elon Musk. If you haven't checked out Elon Musk's biography, do so.

Here's a interesting interview of Elon Musk's biographer, Ashlee Vance

By the by...a random comment from KDED page with the podcast on it

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Tesla and Nissan’s Battery Strategy Receives Little Discussion, but It Should

Recent construction on the Tesla Motor's Gigafactory. (Source: Gigaom)

There’s been a lot of battery news and press releases on a wide range of topics lately, including chemistries, acquisitions and good ‘ole Tesla Motors updates. In late October, Tesla released news about its new batter pack offering for its Roadsters and that these batteries come from South Korea-based LG Chem, instead of Panansonic, it’s partner in the Gigafactory.

Many commentators riffed on a possible “controversy” between Panasonic and Tesla Motors, as it headed into 2016. LG Chem sells batteries to a lot of companies, notably GM for its Volt and upcoming Bolt vehicle. The question is why Tesla Motors needs more batteries and, in general, that seems to be a good thing for a stockholders.

Is it due to bigger demand for the Model S vehicles as it tries to backfill 2015 orders to meet the Street’s expectations or maybe ramping up Tesla Energy? After the recent earnings call, it’s the former. Model S deliveries for the 4th quarter will be huge, the company is forecasting 17,000 - 19,000 deliveries for this quarter.

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Tesla Model X Production Delay Coming

A spotted Model X on the road this Spring. As the traditional summer calendar comes to end, some Tesla Model X reservation holders are still holding on to the belief that September will trigger high-volume production madness for the much-awaited electric vehicle. However, that hope may be fleeting for the simple fact that reservation holders don’t have final vehicle specifications or pricing as of Wed., August 25. 

A newish thread on the Tesla Motors Club board addresses this very issue. A recent commenter and Model S owner posted:

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Can I Interest You in a Used Tesla Model S?

As an early adopter, I've visited many discussion boards over the last couple years regarding "my next EV car or my first electric vehicle" topic and it usually ends with I'm waiting until 2017 to buy a Tesla Model 3. A new survey, released today, from Edmunds shows strong demand for the used Model S from non-luxury car buyers and describes a possible love-affair narrative for 18 to 34 years old -- Millennials. 

From the Edmunds survey:

For example, Edmunds found that while only 25 percent of new Model S buyers earned less than $100,000 per year, that number rises to 36 percent of all used Model S buyers. Edmunds also found that used Model S buyers skew younger than new Model S buyers: about 10 percent of pre-owned Model S buyers are Millennials (age 18-34), compared to just six percent of all new Model S buyers.

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High School Unveils Workplace Charging Data to Kids

>> Find more posts on EVs and Tesla Motors by Grant Gerke @ Teslarati.com. Twitter: @autogrant

Courtesy of El Camino Real Charter High School. The Department of Energy recently sent its July monthly newsletter and had a focus on the El Camino high school in California, where the facility has four, level 2 workplace charging stations. However, they're doing more than just allowing faculty and visitors to charge at the high shool, kids get a sneak peek at the charging data and its carbon implications.  

Submit Opinions to the Annual Workplace Charging Survey

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Musk to Jettison Tesla Motors After Model 3 release

>> Find more posts on EVs and Tesla Motors by Grant Gerke @ Teslarati.com. Twitter: @autogrant

Just posted this article on Teslarati.com on Elon Musk plans of jettisoning Tesla Motors after the Model 3 is released and breathing on its own. Odds have it that he will engage fully as CEO at SpaceX and pursue Mars. 

I reposted the article at Stocktwits and posed the question of how much will Tesla Motors be worth by 2018 or 2019, after the Model 3 release. Here's a comment from @brocket

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Updated | Tesla Mobile Dealerships to Pop Soon? 

>> Find more posts on EVs and Tesla Motors by Grant Gerke @ Teslarati.com. Twitter: @autogrant

Tesla Motors debuts its mobile dealership concept, the "secret weapon" to counter U.S. state bans? (Source: Tesla Motors)

Updated 5/23/2015: 

"Dealerships are starting to appear archaic all of a sudden. More brilliant branding #tesla #evs." @autogrant

That was my take as Tesla Motors announced its new mobile dealerships on Friday and touched a nerve in twitterland. 

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